By Heather Hiban

It comes back to diversity of thought, are you shaping your message for various audiences or are you shaping your message for one?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are in the forefront of a national conversation from public policy to how businesses operate. B2B and B2G tech firms are examining how they can or should incorporate these values into every aspect of their operations. For marketers and PR pros, it’s a question that drives decisions about messaging, outreach, and whether or not to take a public stand on issues.

We look at ways companies can navigate these…

By Alexis Loar

The PR and marketing playbook for the past several decades has relied heavily on news distribution services. But today, the divide between legacy news outlets and modern news sites, bloggers and social media influencers is enormous, fragmenting readership and fed by a never-ending 24/7 news cycle. Do we even need newswires with so many channels for getting the word out to the public?

On this episode of the Lay of the Brand, News Direct CEO Gregg Castano joins us to provide his insights on the current state of the news distribution industry and where we’re going after…

By Heather Hiban

Most people in cybersecurity know that marketing and selling to today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is not easy. They have an unprecedented amount of work and conflicting priorities on their plates, making it extremely difficult for anyone, let alone a vendor trying to sell them something to grab their attention.

To reveal how B2B cyber security companies can better reach elusive CISOs, Merritt Group partnered with Tech Exec Networks (T.E.N), an information security networking and relationship marketing firm to survey leading CISOs to find out what influences their buying behavior and triggers the sale.

In our…

Heather Hiban

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